Increasing access to new technology above and beyond existing healthcare systems.

Rapid diagnostic innovation

Supporting Australia & New Zealand's COVID-19 response

We specialise in the distribution of COVID-19 rapid diagnostic products and testing solutions.

Our focus is to contribute critical capacity to meet the urgent need for accurate, reliable and large scale detection of COVID-19 to enhance Australia’s public health response. Our aim is to significantly expand access to rapid COVID testing products and solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Rapid Antigen Testing

CareStart test kits are currently being utilised by numerous government departments, small businesses and corporations across Australia and New Zealand.

Rapid PCR Technology

A rapid polymerase chain reaction COVID-19 test providing result within 90 minutes, making it highly suitable for quick action at the point of care.

Coming Soon
Pantonic Health Platform

A technology solution that provides secure access to your organisation’s COVID-19 testing data and insights, allowing you to make quick decisions and safeguard both staff and operations.

Industries we work with

Government bulk COVID tests
Healthcare bulk COVID tests
Work bulk COVID tests
Sports entertainment bulk COVID tests
Mining bulk COVID tests
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World leading manufactures and innovators

We partner with world-leading manufacturers and innovators to bring affordable and accurate diagnostic devices to the Australian market. 

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